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Ferry Urd refloated after hole was patched

By the afternoon May 4 ferry Urd was refloated after the hole was patched with the help of divers. After 14 remaining trucks locked on lower cargo will be offloaded, ferry will be taken to ship repair yard. Nils Holgersson, which damaged its’ bow, will be back in service by May 19, reported Previous news:
Ferries collision in Luebeck, Germany
Thursday, May 03, 2012
Ferry Nils Holgersson struck the portside of a ferry Urd in Luebeck-Travemuende, Germany, at around 1815 LT May 03. Urd was berthed at Berth 3 of the Scandinavian Quay, vessel suffered 2x3 meters hole under waterline, with resulting water ingress. Crew started to pump out water with vessel’s pumps, rescue boats, firefighting boats, tugs and other service boats of the port rushed to assist. Urd also suffered serious damages in upper decks area, some trucks were damaged, one destroyed. Port traffic was affected for some time. Urd arrived from Liepaja with trucks and cars on board, offloading started later in the evening, but some 50 trucks in the lower deck couldn’t be accessed because of the damages. With water ingress in breached hull, Urd bow-tilted, and later in the evening bow rested on the bottom. Nils Holgersson arrived from Trelleborg with 63 passengers on board, vessel suffered bow damages, and was berthed at berth 6. nobody was injured in the collision. The cause of the incident still unknown. Photos from local media.
Passenger ro-ro vessel Urd IMO 7826855, GRT 13144, built 1981, flag Denmark, manager SCANDLINES DEUTSCHLAND.
Passenger ro-ro vessel Nils Holgersson IMO 9217230, GRT 36468, built 2001, flag Germany, manager TT-Line.

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