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Sinking of Iranian diving support vessel Koosha 1: Update

An e-mail from the chief engineer of diving support vessel Koosha 1
I received an e-mail from the chief engineer of diving support vessel Koosha 1, Mr. Vladimir. Koosha 1 sank 20.10.2011 at 1624 local time 13 miles from port Assaloueh. He’ll provide me with more details later. From 73 crew 60 rescued, 7 died, among them Ukrainian 3-d engineer Viktor Dymov, he was off watch and almost certainly, died in his cabin. There were 5 Ukrainians on board, 4 survived. 6 divers are locked in decompression camera (roughly, it’s some kind of bathyscaph – I’ve been in such a camera myself several times, during navy training courses – Voytenko Mikhail). Not a big chance Iranian rescuers will be able to get the camera to surface in time, or rescue locked divers from the bottom. There are many US and NATO navies around, their rescue service is capable of such complicated operation, in case of course, they’ll be invited.
Voytenko Mikhail

“A team of six Indian divers conducting underwater pipeline installation were believed trapped in a diving chamber nearly 200 feet underwater with dwindling oxygen supplies on Oct 21 after the "Koosha 1", their support ship, sank in the Persian Gulf. The divers were among 13 people, including five Iranians and eight non-Iranians, still missing after the ship went down in stormy seas Oct 20 afternoon. Out of 73 people on board, 60 had been rescued. The diving chamber was onboard the ship when it sank, but the divers were inside…” said AP in a widely spread article.
Divers went in decompression chamber for decompressing after underwater works, it’s a routine procedure for deep-water divers, staying in decompression chamber may last from several hours to several days.
AP continues, revealing some more details:
“The chamber can hold 72-hours worth of oxygen according to Adsun Offshore Diving Contractors Pvt Ltd, the Mumbai-based firm that employs the divers. But they did not know how much supply there was when the ship went down in a matter of minutes. 5 vessels, 3 helicopters and several groups of divers are taking part in the rescue operation. The bodies of six have been found, including an Indian and an Ukrainian. The "Koosha-1" had left the offshore oil rigs near the underwater South Pars gas field in the afternoon of its sinking. The gas field is the largest in the world that is shared by both Iran and Qatar. The ship had been involved in installing underwater pipelines. It sank some 15 miles off Iran's coast”.

Previous news:
Reader of Maritime Bulletin commented news on sinking of Iranian platform supply vessel, the name of the vessel is Koosha1, here is the comment:
“The vessel sank in few minutes. Review to be done on weather conditions, sea conditions and diving operations method etc. All stringent rules in place , each stand alone looks like, as a combination of the risk assessment is in question”. Previous news:
An Iranian platform supply vessel, presumably under name Kusha 1, sank Oct 20 in Persian Gulf, exact position of the accident unknown. The Fars news agency reported there were 72 people on board and equipment for platforms, belonging to Pars Oil and Gas Company. 12 people went missing, S&R under way.

Offshore support vessel Koosha 1 IMO 8019992, dwt 980, built 1982, flag Iran, owner Darya Koosh Co., Tehran. Class Status: LR Classed Classification: +100A1 Survey Types: SS 07/10 Hull Notation: diving suppt vessel Machinery Notation: +LMC Withdrawal Notation: Suspension Notation: Owner: Darya Koosh Co Flag: Iran. Pic of d/v Koosha 1 by Vladimir Knyaz

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