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Fire on board of nuclear icebreaker Vaygach, two crew died

At about 0130 Moscow time Dec 15 2011 fire started in one of the crew’s cabins on board of nuclear icebreaker Vaygach. Icebreaker, escorting one or several merchant vessels,  was under way from Dudinka port, Enisey river, Siberia, to Murmansk, still in Enisey, close to river’s estuary. By 0400 Moscow time crew extinguished the fire, two crew died and one seriously injured, presumably fire started because of negligence of cabin’s inhabitants. Nuclear reactor and all mechanisms didn’t suffer any damages, but vessel assumedly, is ordered to proceed to Dudinka for investigation. Nuclear icebreaker Vaygach IMO 8417493, displacement 21100, built 1990, flag Russia, owner Russian Government.  On a pic nuclear icebreaker Vaygach

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