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Vale Beijing Update

Vale Beijing, Chinamax or Valemax or simply mega bulk carrier, may be towed to Fortaleza port, some 400 nm to the south along the coast of Brazil from current vessel’s position in Sao Luis 02 30N 044 24W. Salvage needs clear water for divers to determine location and condition of cracks in the hull, meanwhile Svitzer has been contracted to remove most of the fuel from the ship, after the request of Brazilian authorities. The is growing belief, that Vale Beijing does have construction flaws, which lead to the cracks in underwater hull, as the giant’s management, South Korea's STX Pan Ocean, didn’t give other explanations, in fact they didn’t give any.

Previous news:
One of the biggest floating objects on Earth just can’t start sinking without reason: the Vale Beijing Accident
Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Fears are growing that Chinamax VLOC Vale Beijing may sink at Ponta da Madiera port, Brazil, due to water ingress in cargo hold or holds, and all the difficulties connected with patching the leak of the giant vessel in full load. Vale Beijing is loaded with 381,300 tonnes of iron ore, worth $53 million based on Monday's spot iron ore price, and was bound for Rotterdam. Vessel was to be moved to anchorage from pier where she was loaded, Vale said in a statement late on Monday Dec 5, but by 1200 UTC Dec 6 vessel is still moored. Nobody said yet what caused water ingress, media is accentuating on water ingress from ballast tank or tanks to cargo hold or holds, but that’s consequence, not the cause of the trouble. Manager of the vessel, STX Pan Ocean, didn’t go into details of an accident, saying only that "Sinking is the worst-case scenario, but we believe that the situation is not that serious."
Situation seems to be serious, though, because a brand new giant vessel, one of the biggest floating objects on Earth, just can’t start sinking in a safe port without a substantial reason. Nobody mentioned possibility of  underwater hull damages due to grounding or collision, so there is enough reason to assume, for the time being, that vessel has some design and construction flaws.
The Vale Beijing is the first in a range of  very large ore carriers (VLOC) costing around $110 million each, to be delivered by shipbuilder STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, another unit of STX Group. Hapless Vale Beijing docked in Ponta da Madiera.
VLOC Vale Beijing IMO 9575448, dwt 404389, built 2011, flag Marshall Islands. 
Previous news:
VLOC Vale Beijing in trouble?
Monday, December 05, 2011
There is a problem with mega bulk carrier Vale Beijing, it seems that vessel suffered cracks in the hull and resulting water ingress, vessel presently is in Ponta da Madeira port, Brazil, reported on Dec 5 2011 Bloomberg. Probably the trouble is more serious than it looks like, vessel is brand new and was delivered to manager, STX Pan Ocean (STX), on Sept 27 this year, so maybe it’s not some kind of an accident, but construction flaw.

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