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The first female captain in Hong Kong history

32-year old Carmen Chan Ka-man has become Hong Kong's first female master mariner. Gaining her master's certificate (Seagoing Class 1 Certificate of Competency - Master certificate) last month means Chan can technically command ocean-going vessels. In reality, Chan said she would remain chief officer for another three years to gain more seafaring experience before, hopefully, being made captain.
The Maritime Professional Promotion Federation (MPPF) and the Hong Kong Maritime Forum (HKMF) jointly held a press conference, entitled "A successful maritime professional", on board the passenger vessel "Star Pisces" of Star Cruises on January 3. The first Hong Kong female mariner to qualify as a Captain of ocean-going vessels, Ms Carmen Chan, shared her experiences.
Maritime Services Training Institute of HK boasts some 40-60 cadets on each course nowadays, including three or five women, from about 20 some years earlier, thanks to sea-going training incentive scheme launched in 2002 by the Maritime Professional Promotion Federation.
The International Labour Organisation estimates that only up to 2 per cent of the world's 1.25 million seafarers are women.
Regretfully, HK media didn’t specify the maritime career of Ms Carmen Chan, and the details of her present position.
Carmen Chan on a press-conference on the bridge of Star Cruises’ Star Pisces.

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