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Kulluk grounded on Sitkalidak Island coast

Regretfully, Maritime Bulletin was right saying in previous report, that the salvors lose the battle with the storm. Kulluk reported grounded at around 01:00 ET Jan 01 2013 on Sitkalidak Island coast, see map. Salvors were unable to keep the rig off the coastline with wind up to 30 meters/sec, sea up to 8 meters. No AIS signals from any responders, either Aiviq, Nanuq or USCG Alex Haley.

Previous news:
Salvors losing the battle, Kulluk is nearing dangerous shoreline
only 7 nautical miles separate the convoy from the coast of Sitkalidak Island
Royal Dutch Shell reported that the AHST Aiviq and tug Alert managed to rig the towlines to the drilling unit Kulluk shortly after midday, local time, on Dec 31. By Dec 31 evening according to forecast, weather was to deteriorate with wind up to 30 meters/sec, sea up to 8 meters. By and by the salvors retreat to the dangerous shoreline, losing the battle with the storm, as of 02:30 UTC Jan 1 only 7 nautical miles separated the convoy from the coast of Sitkalidak Island. There is not much they can do, except holding on against storm and trying at least not to drift towards the shore.
Shell says responders are evaluating options for securing the vessel until the weather subsides. Does it mean they’re considering possibility of anchoring the rig?
Tug Alert IMO 9214381, 845 gt, built 2009, flag USA.
Previous news:
Kulluk salvage – latest development
The latest news on a troubled drill unit Kulluk said the towlines either parted or let go, reportedly in the evening Dec 30 local time. The 18 personnel from Kulluk was evacuated by helicopters in the evening local time Dec 29. Aiviq and Nanuq were, or still are, trying to rig the towlines. See map with latest positions of tugs, USCG Alex Haley and Kulluk. There are at least three tugs on the scene - Aiviq, Guradsman and Alert.
Previous news and data on the vessels:

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