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Disabled freighter Samarga towed to Donghae, Japan sea

Reportedly, disabled Russian freighter Samarga arrived to Donghae port, South Korea, on tow of salvage tug Lazurit in the morning Dec 28.
Russian freighter Samarga disabled in Japan sea
Russian general cargo vessel Samarga issued distress signal in Japan sea, presumably early in the morning Dec 24, or earlier, during Dec 23. Vessel is en route from Busan to Vladivostok with cargo of cars, and suffered engine failure. Russian media as usual, is confusing in its’ news, some say vessel is disabled, some say vessel suffered total blackout. Reportedly, there was some cargo shift. Weather northern wind 12-15 meters/sec, sea 2-2.5 meters, so there is no imminent danger to vessel and crew. Salvage tug Lazurit left Vladivostok early Dec 24 and is steaming to the disabled vessel, nearby freighter Limanskiy (IMO 8423612) is standing by. Vessel actually, was disabled earlier than Dec 23-24, last known satellite data at 19:30 UTC Dec 22 gives position 39 33N 130 31E, and speed 2 knots, meaning by that time vessel was already disabled and drifting, or moving at low speed. General cargo vessel Samarga IMO 8501402, dwt 7130, built 1987, flag Cambodia, manager Natie Shipping, Vladivostok, Russia.
Distressed Samarga is to be towed to Donghae, Japan sea
Salvage tug Lazurit arrived to distressed vessel Samarga in the morning Dec 25, and is trying to take freighter on tow. Vessel is to be towed to South Korean port Donghae, which is some 160 nm off, see map. The weather is deteriorating, wind strengthened to 18 meters/sec. Vessel issued distress signal at 15:58 UTC Dec 23 from position 39-52N 130-39E, suffering total blackout.
North Korean safe waters are much closer to the distressed vessel, but North Korean waters are safe from the weather, but not from the ruling regime, and are in fact, more risky for a distressed vessel, than winter storm in Japan sea. More often, than not, vessels in distress which have to find refuge in North Korea are detained under the pretext of “investigation”, or in other words, for extorting money from owner, being also subject to possible political speculations, depending on the owner State. While it goes on, local authorities sweep vessel and crew clean of any supplies they can find.
Freighter Samarga still drifting, part of deck cargo went overboard
Freighter Samarga is still drifting with salvage tug Lazurit standing by. Towage still impossible due to strong wind and heavy sea. 8 excavators went overboard, most probably intentionally released by the crew in order to improve stability, vessel was badly rolling with angle up to 36 degrees. The rest of the cargo, cars and general cargo, is stable. NW wind was up to 25 meters/sec, weather forecast for Dec 26 is favourable, wind NW to W from 30 to 15 knots, sea from 5 meters to 2.5 meters. 
Freighter Samarga under tow to Donghae, Japan sea
Disabled general cargo vessel Samarga was taken under tow in the afternoon Dec 26 by a salvage tug Lazurit, Japan sea. Samarga is to be towed to Donghae, South Korea. Weather is favourable, with moderate wind and sea, ETA Donghae Dec 28 12.

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