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North Korean freighter Dae San arrested for dumping waste in Somalia waters

AllAfrica reported on Nov 23, that Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) arrested North Korean general cargo vessel Dae San for dumping cement in Somalia waters. Vessel carried 5000 mt of cement (it remains unknown whether cement is in bulk or bagged) from Oman to Mogadishu, but the receiver of the cargo rejected the lot because it was wet with seawater. Apparently Master of the vessel, Capt. Ki Yun Chn, was ordered to dispose of the damaged and useless cargo by whatever means he would find appropriate. It was decided to dump it, but vessel was caught some 13 off Bossaso and taken to Bossaso anchorage. Vessel and the 33 crew are under arrest, the case will be brought to court shortly. Puntland authorities suspect Dae San in possible activities with dumping other wastes, because due to NATO information, vessel was tracked in or near Somalia waters for quite a time. There is no data on a present situation with dumping industrial wastes in or near Somalia waters, but quite recently it was a very lucrative business controlled by Italian mafia. North Korea didn’t yet react to the arrest of its’ vessel and crew. If there is something to worry about, it’s the fate of the crew, at least senior officers. North Korea most probably, will have to pay a fine to get vessel released, and that’s what North Korean government hates most. Such a “waste” of money is considered to be a major crime, similar to anti-government activities or espionage. Of course the authorities are not to be blamed, usually all the blame lies with those down the line, who have to obey orders, even if orders are criminal, as long as it brings profit to North Korean authorities.
General cargo vessel Dae San IMO 7614733, dwt 15160, built 1979, flag North Korea, owner KOREA DAESAN SHIPPING CO, PYONGYANG. The vessel is rather a fine relic of the 60-s – 70-s ships’ architecture.

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