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Cyprus detained Russian citizen accused in sinking French fishing vessel in 2006

Russian citizen Vasiliy Ogarkov arrested in Cyprus on Nov 6 on a criminal charge of duty negligence which lead to the sinking of French f/v Klein Familie and death of 5 crew. The then chief officer of the m/t Sichem Pandora, Mr. Ogarkov refuses the charge and claims his innocence. In the morning of January 5 2006 m/t Sichem Pandora allegedly collided with f/v Klein Familie in English Canal, of 6 crew only one was rescued. French authorities directed tanker to Dunkirk for investigation. French investigators analyzed the samples of the paint found on tanker’s bow and found it to be the paint of the fishing vessel. Sichem Pandora was Malta-flagged at the time of collision, Malta authorities carried out their own investigation which was completed on April 18 2012. Investigators found tanker was involved in the collision. Both vessels were found guilty in negligence, but still, the main fault lies with French fishing vessel, which was engaged in fishing in heavy traffic area, didn’t maintain a proper lookout and failed to carry all recommended lights. Investigation report includes contradictory “The Trevor Jones Report”, independent chemical analysis of paint samples taken both from tanker and from Klein Familie wreck. UK chemist did a much more thorough analysis than his French colleagues, and found the scraps of paint on a tanker’s bow to be different from original Klein Familie paint. Nevertheless, Ogarkov was found guilty. It is expected that Cyprus will extradite Mr. Ogarkov to Malta for prosecution and court.
Chem tanker Sichem Pandora (at present Gulf Adventure) IMO 9050412, dwt 9215, built 1994, flag Malta (at present Panama), manager Norwegian Eitzen Group.
Fishing vessel Klein Familie, France, length 14.4 meters, breadth 5.1 meters, wooden hull, built 1968, skipper and owner Mr. Thierry Goueslain.

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