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MSC Flaminia update

Oct 30: Reportedly, the removal of the containers on board of MSC Flaminia will be completed at best, by the end of the year. MSC is planning to move the offloaded cargo to Bremerhaven / Antwerp. The status of the cargo, undamaged and otherwise, is, if cut all the lawyers crap, is very simple, cargo is a hostage kept by carrier in order to collect “general average”. One reader of Maritime Bulletin commented that MSC and NSB are absolutely justified in declaring General Average, him being most probably, an employee of either MSC/NSB, or other liner company. He deliberately made no difference between force major circumstances and negligence. Applying his logics, the owner of burned warehouse or hotel may declare General Average as well, and demand clients to share his losses.

Latest news from NSB site:
Buxtehude, October 24  2012
As part of the clean-up operations onboard MSC FLAMINIA, the first containers with remaining hotspots were unloaded yesterday. The contents were compressed cellulose as well as wood and paper which could only be extinguished by removing the surrounding container hulls.
The fire extinguishing operation, which was conducted by the fire brigade Wilhelmshaven and firefighting experts which were appointed specifically by Reederei NSB, succeeded as planned. After completion of these operations, the final hotspots onboard of MSC FLAMINIA will be extinguished.
During the next stages of the clean-up operations, additional destroyed, damaged and intact containers will be unloaded in the coming days. The unloading process is conducted according to the previously specified disposal concept.
The carrier, MSC, has meanwhile indicated that an on-carriage of cargo to Bremerhaven / Antwerp is being planned in the very near future for all cargo which has been found fit for on-carriage and for which proper Salvage and General Average Securities have been provided.
Cargo interests are therefore, once again, requested to urgently put up security as MSC will consider an on-carriage once a sufficient number of containers are ready for on-carriage.
Some cargo underwriters refuse to issue cargo securities before their insured cargo has been fully surveyed. Please be aware that this will significantly delay the release process. We would therefore suggest that cargo underwriters give security for the full value of the cargo and once the cargo is fully surveyed the cargo values will be adjusted and in line with the joint survey findings also the value of the guarantees will be amended.

Full story with chronology, photos and maps at

Reviews :
 General Average - ( by Dmitry)
Mikhail, I suppose you mentioned me and my comments in respect of GA. Sry but I am not conected have been connected to NSB,MSC other liner carrier, however I have large experience in marine claims handling as GA adjustments,fire, collisions and etc.. I do not want to tell you what is the difference between hotel and venture as marine transptation... But this difference is great.. And please be me tolerant to opinion of your readers...
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