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Russian freighter Dmitriy Egorov detained in Kazakhstan without any reason

Russian general cargo vessel Dmitriy Egorov loaded general cargo, equipment for oil refinery in Kazakhstan, in Rostov-on-Don, and on Aug 15 entered Kazakhstan waters in Ural river estuary, Caspian sea, proceeding to Atyrau port. Vessel reported all the required information to Kazakhstan Coast Guard, a border pass was to be issued by authorities on arrival after completing all the customs, immigration and Coast Guard formalities. Vessel was ordered to anchor some 5 miles off Atyrau for the investigation of the alleged border pass rules violation. On Aug 16 vessel was docked, cargo was offloaded, but vessel still is docked in Atyrtau without any reasons given to the owner, without any claims, allegations or charges, the shipowner just doesn’t know what to do, what are the violations he committed, what’s all about at all, and how to release the vessel. He filed a complaint to Russian Ministries of Transportation and Foreign Affairs, but to no avail. As of Oct 12 vessel is in the same position docked in Atyrau, Republic of Kazakhstan.
General cargo vessel Dmitriy Egorov IMO 8653293, dwt 1703, built 1984, flag Russia, owner Expo-Shipping Co., Russia. Photo of the vessel from the website

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