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Lost dangerous containers from MSC Flaminia drifting off Ireland

The Irish Examiner reported on Sep 15 that some containers, apparently containing some liquid chemicals, are afloat and drifting towards south-west coast of Ireland:
Ship’s hazardous cargo floats towards Irish coast
By Sean O’Riordan Saturday, September 15, 2012
Dangerous cargo containers which toppled off a chemical ship are floating towards the south-west coast.
It is understood that some harbour hazardous chemicals which could present a danger to transatlantic vessels on the main shipping lanes. The containers slipped off German-registered ship MSC Flaminia, which caught fire on Jul 14. It caused an explosion that forced the crew to abandon the ship. Salvage operations were under way yesterday as some of the containers were towed into Castletownbere, West Cork, by a tug boat.
Irish Examiner

Maritime Bulletin reported overboard containers on Aug 20, Navigational Warning with regards to drifting containers was published before Aug 20. Are they the same containers found recently near Ireland coast, and did they fall overboard, or were jettisoned?
Overboard containers mystery
August 20:
There is one more mystery totally missed in official press-releases – some containers from MSC Flaminia went overboard and were reported as a floating hazard in Navigational Warnings. They may simply fell overboard, though some people assume they may be jettisoned for unknown reasons.
Full story with chronology, photos and maps at

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