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Fire on Amsterdam Bridge under control but situation critical

Sep 11: Amsterdam Bridge is about in the same position, AIS identifies vessel as anchored. Firefighters have managed to contain the fire on board, but the situation remains critical because of the presence of hazardous chemicals on board. No oil pollution has occurred and there is no imminent threat of any pollution to the environment, said the officials. 21 crew safe, though its’ location is not clear – initially evacuation was reported, in latest news it is said crew is on board. Crew includes thirteen Filipino, three Myanmar, one Polish and four Ukrainian nationalities.
Coast Guard and naval ships along with Mumbai Port Trust and ONGC vessels are still carrying out the firefighting and cooling operations. Vessel has been shifted 1 mile south of the present position, off the shipping lanes. There are 119 containers loaded with dangerous goods, according to manifest. Mostly they contain inflammable petrol and turpentine products. A small explosion deep in the cargo hold triggered fire. Expert firefighters and chemical experts were to arrive on the scene late on Sep 10. operator of the vessel Japanese giant K-line have appointed Sweden-based Ms Resolve shipping as salvors for the vessel.

Previous news:

Another German boxship with chemicals on fire. Amsterdam Bridge is ablaze in Mumbai.
At around 15:15 LT Sep 9 Indian Coast Guard Mumbai received a distress call from German boxship Amsterdam Bridge, reporting fire on board. Vessel left Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and was navigating in Mumbai Bay en route to Sri Lanka, Colombo. Reportedly some flammable chemical and toxic goods in container or containers caught fire, which spread to neighbouring containers, in or on hold close to superstructure. CG ships Samudra Prahari and Subhadra Kumari Chouhan were sent to a distressed vessel, crew of the Amsterdam Bridge was immediately evacuated. Fire was thought to be under control by 20:00 LT, but then it started again, setting ablaze the middle section and it seems, the whole superstructure. Picture of a rather poor quality taken from video clip aired by local TV, on a pic Amsterdam Bridge on fire. Local authorities fear chemical and toxic contamination. As of 01:30 LT Sep 10 several salvage and CG ships grouped around Amsterdam Bridge, among them salvage vessel Svitzer Surat.
Amsterdam Bridge arrived to Jawaharlal Nehru Port from Port Klang on Sep 8, vessel is employed on INDFEX route operated by Wan Hai Lines and Pacific International Lines.
Boxship Amsterdam Bridge IMO 9450911, dwt 54405, capacity 4400 TEU, built 2009, flag Antigua, manager THIEN & HEYENGA (TUH) BEREEDERUNGS, Germany. Owner MS STADT MARBURG KG. TUH company ( manages 38 vessels, no news on their website with regards to the fire (actually, there are no news at all), the Position page containing the data on fleet position is outdated.
MSC Flaminia caught fire in July, salvage is still under way, vessel was refused shelter in EU waters for month and a half as too dangerous due to dangerous chemical and toxic materials on board. Full story with chronology, photos and maps at

Amsterdam Bridge on fire – new details and good quality photo and video
Shashi Kallada ( reports: On September 9 in the afternoon container vessel Amsterdam Bridge caught fire at Mumbai Harbour. Around 1700 hours with fire on board and thick smoke billowing out she moved out to anchorage, most likely Master and officers doing a blind navigation on a bridge clouded by thick smoke. It’s just a luck  she didn’t collided with other vessels in the area of heavy traffic. At this time wind was SSW 16 Kts. Other vessels in the vicinity could hear Amsterdam Bridge’s Master desperately trying to get assistance from Mumbai VTS and JNPT.
After almost one and a half hour a Coast guard vessel arrived on scene followed by SCI Pawan a fire fighting tug.  At midnight the fire was raging and fire fighting vessels were fighting fire. The initial fire is believed to be in one of the cargo holds.
It would have been a good practice if VTS is keeping a track of all fire fighting tugs in and near harbour to call them without any delay when there is a need. From the VHF distress traffic one could make out shore side was not having any information of what dangerous goods are there on Amsterdam Bridge. News prints state Coast Guard vessels Subhadra Kumari Chouhan and Samudra Prahari is engaged in fire fighting and pollution control. Watch video of Amsterdam Bridge steam out with thick smoke.
Full scale photo at

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