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MSC Flaminia keep moving into Atlantic. France environmentalists fear the worst.

August 3: MSC Flaminia and tugs keep moving into Atlantic, at 01.08.2012 18:00 UTC they were in position 46.35N 011.35W, advancing in southern direction at an average speed just above 1 knot and sailing some 26 miles in 24 hours from July 31 18:00 till August 1 18:00. No press-release from NSB sincel July 31. Quest – France on August 1 published a photo of MSC Flaminia taken from air recently. France environmentalists fear that the vessel may sink in the Atlantic, is it just an assumption, or do they know something we don’t know? They insist vessel should be moved to nearest safety haven in order to avoid possible ecological disaster. It’s impossible to believe that owner decided to intentionally sink the vessel, unless there is something on board we don’t know anything about. Still, environmentalists fears seem to be exaggerated.

Latest photo taken from air and published by Quest - France. NSB's last photos were dated July 22 or July 23.

All the relevant data and photos are published on a page

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 Low in water - ( by yppak)
She looks really low in the water in that picture, may be picture angle but does not seem to be much list, just real low.
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