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My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator by education and former experience. Presently, I’m most popular maritime journalist in Russia, Ukraine and among Russian-speaking communities around the world. I’ve been involved in several world-famous accidents, including the hijack of ro-ro Faina and mysterious disappearance of timber carrier Arctic Sea (it was me in fact, who made that disappearance public, and because of that story I had to flee Russia).

I maintain Maritime Bulletin as a private maritime news and analysis website for almost 6 years. I grew up and lived in Soviet Union, under communists’ regime. I’ve been fighting their lies then and I still fight their lies now. But after Iron Curtain fell down, by and by I found a new Iron Curtain, still for me, an old one – Iron Curtain of lies and deceptions, of red-tape immunity, be they national or international, State or industry.

How can it be, that no one among my numerous friends, seafarers or shipowners, is approving activities of national and international maritime organizations, IMO and UN, ITF and affiliated unions? How can it be, that if we go to industry media and websites of maritime organizations and unions, we find entirely different from reality world, where they’re the elite, where there is no criticism, not even edible analysis of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it?

The industry badly needs criticism and analysis of the industry’s leaders, especially considering dubious nature of the leadership of all the organizations in question, starting from IMO, Round Table organizations and ITF, and down to national shipowners associations and unions. With every passing year uncontrollable activities of these self-proclaimed leaders bring to world shipping more losses and more risks.

My website is an attempt to fill in the growing gap between the reality and virtual reality, created by media. I accentuate on two problems out of quite a number of them:
Piracy: “Fighting Piracy” strategy of officialdom, which is absolutely contradicting the reality. What shipping really wants (and votes for it by hiring armed guards) is the strategy of “Protecting from Piracy”.
Maritime Labour Convention 2006: Oncoming Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 implementation, as an open attempt of ITF and affiliated Unions to monopolize maritime labour force on unheard before, very potentially risky, scale.

Voytenko Mikhail
Mob: +66 895 010574
Skype: odintc

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