MSC Flaminia victims Log Book

The flow of complaints from frustrated shippers whose goods are either destroyed in MSC Flaminia fire, or are held by the shipping company until owners pay the full cost of the goods, in accordance with declared General Average, is not drying up. I believe the fate of the vessel is rather irrelevant to the true meaning of MSC Flaminia story, which is, to my and all those who suffer understanding, a big-scale, gross violation of consumer rights. I donТt know how to help helpless minor shippers, or how to organize a collective claim and sue the shipping companies, both MSC and NSB.
I decided to open a УMSC Flaminia victims Log BookФ for all those whose goods were destroyed by fire, or are held by the companies in what may be considered as a blatant extortion. Tell your story and leave your contacts, even if no public and legal actions will arise, at least it will be a rough picture of hidden side of the accident, just for the record.
Anyone capable of assisting victims of MSC Flaminia, is welcome with comments, advises or maybe, initiatives.
MSC Flaminia fire, full story:
Voytenko Mikhail
March 24 2013

To all who suffered losses from MSC Flaminia fire
Initiative group of shippers, who suffered losses from MSC Flaminia fire and further actions of the NSB and MSC companies, contacted US lawyers specializing in maritime losses, and now awaits the results of the official investigation of the accident. All shippers who suffered from MSC Flaminia fire are invited to contact initiative group: Mr. Dmitriy All concerned are invited to share their stories and experience at this Forum

# 3
Bukhut Toria  Mar  27 2013
Nationality:  Georgian
Your Story:  Hello I, Bukhut Toria citizen of Georgian Republic, occupied with vehicle import since 2009. In 2012 purchased a car for my client through „Copart“ auction. The car price was 5200 USD. On 14th of July I received a letter from my partner company “Agaexport”, that on 14th of July on the ship owned by MSC “Flaminia” was explosion and the car that was purchased by me was on the same ship. On 17th of January I received information that my car was not damaged but I had to pay the same amount that I have paid when I purchased the car. For the additional payment for the car and for the car that belonged to my client I had to take a credit from the bank annual 18% that I still pay and purchased another car for client. In order to prove that the car was saved I have attached a picture of the car that was made in Germany when the container was opened. I am ready to pay much more amount in order to make company reimburse material and moral damaged caused to me.

# 1
Mikhail Voytenko  Mar  21 2012
Nationality:  Russian
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