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Pak bound cargo ship detained by India was hired by UN

RAWALPINDI: Military sources have clarified a news item carried by online edition of a section of the press regarding detaining of a Pakistan bound cargo ship.
“MV AEGION GLORY” by Indian authorities carrying military hardware and explosives at Diamond Harbor in the Bay of Bengal have said that due to improvement in security situation, UN Mission Liberia (UNMIL) is in “Draw Down” phase, so accordingly strength of the military component coupled with equipment rendered surplus, because of draw down, is being repatriated.
The ship “MV AEGION GLORY” was hired by UN authorities for transportation of surplus Contingent Owned Equipment (COF) of Pakistan troops deployed in UN Mission Liberia (UNMIL). The route of “ MV AEGION GLORY” was from Liberia to Dacca, Calcutta and was scheduled to reach Pakistan on 4 Jul 2010. The military hardware, with full knowledge of UN authorities, was being transported under their arrangements and not by Pakistan. First news Ro-ro Aegean Glory detained in India with suspicious arms on board

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