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How Bulgarian Scam Maritime Herald duped Hellenic Shipping News, and not only

My list of industry media outlets reposting Maritime Herald fake news increased by two more names at least two more industry editions reposted this fake:
The UASC giant container ship UMM Salal ran aground in Malacca Strait on 2 nautical miles off Port Klang in Malaysia. The accident happened shortly after boxship left the Malaysian port in the early afternoon of April 7
Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide


Hellenic Shipping News linked the fake to Arabian Supply Chain, the former didnt name initial source, so maybe ArabianSupplyChain.com is monitoring Maritime Herald, maybe stumbled on by chance, maybe reposted it from another duped idiot. Whatever the case, Arabian Supply Chain reposted Maritime Heralds fake literally, word by word, though correcting grammar mistakes.
I dont know much about ArabianSupplyChain.com, and dont want to know, after finding out, that this edition published fake without fact-check.
With Hellenic Shipping News, its a different story. Not that I was shocked, far from it, I can tell a thing or two about Hellenic Shipping News (and Ill tell, later), but still, I thought better of them.
Guys from industry media, do you know, that UMM SALAL is one of the biggest container ships in the whole crazy world, not a tug or local rusty junk? Of course you know it. Any accident with such ships is a top headline, its news which send shock waves throughout industry. You have to be very careful while dealing with such news, checking everything you can. Its just my advise, you know. Be more accurate and more professional, if you can. And check your sources.
2017-04-06 15:52 ICT Navigation status changed aground 0.0 kn NW 2 51' 00" N ; 101 00' 21" E
If Im wrong, together with AIS track records, correct me. I am not Maritime Herald, I will correct mistake.

Now about Maritime Herald fraudsters, Petrov and Filipova. I dont know, whats on their breakfast menu when they wake up every morning. Maybe its Bulgarian vodka Rakia, mixed with met or followed by a healthy sniff of cocaine. Maybe its a good old joint. But I know for sure, whats the first thing they read. Its Maritime Bulletin, of course. Some hours after I published my debunk latest, Bulgarian Scam Maritime Herald: duped industry media http://www.odin.tc/en2016/read.asp?articleID=339, they changed initial story with new one, in their style i.e. not publishing corrected news as Update, not correcting initial news highlighting corrections, but simply replacing old text with a new one (with new fakes):

The UASC giant container ship UMM Salal ran aground in Malacca Strait off Port Klang in Malaysia. The accident happened shortly shortly after leaving the Malaysia port in the early afternoon of April 6 afternoon en route to Khor Fakkan in UAE. The vessel activated AIS status Aground near the shipping way and the separation scheme in the heavy traffic area. The traffic in the area is not hampered, but the vessel was proceeding with increased cautious due to troubled mega container ship. The vessel was successfully refloated on Friday, 7 April at 16:24 local time. UASC crew is safe and accounted for and no pollution was reported. An underwater survey has been conducted reporting no damage to the vessel or cargo on-board but the incident has caused a slight 24 hour delay to the sailing schedule.
UASC is liaising with customers as needed regarding any potential delays to cargo.

But thankfully, we have cached pages:
to compare new text with an old one.

Voytenko Mikhail
April 10, 2017

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