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Fighting scum and scam doesnt come easy

I didnt launch war on Bulgarian scum&scam Maritime Herald, as just a personal matter. Its more, than that. Maritime Herald is abusing not just my authors rights, FleetMons, and rights of another person, Tim, contributor to Vesseltracker.com. Maritime Herald as well, abuses general public by misleading it with falsified, actually fake, news.
I explained mechanism of Maritime Herald scam in previous articles

Full report: http://www.odin.tc/files/mhscam.pdf

Bulgarian Scam Maritime Herald ID Theft victims: Swiss Top Model and US Promo man

Debunking Bulgarian scam Maritime Herald

Now I have to explain some other things, as well.
Without FleetMon and Vesseltracker news, there wont be Maritime Herald. For more, than two years, Petrov and Filipova, two scum running Maritime Herald scam, were stealing our news, distorting them into disgusting mutants, in most illiterate and non-professional manner. There were and still are two main open sources of maritime accidents news, FleetMon and Vesseltracker, both are not indexed by Google News. Thats what Maritime Herald took advantage of its indexed, albeit illegally, violating Google good practice guidelines, but who cares, as long as Maritime Herald is indexed. For everybody around, thanks to Google News, Maritime Herald seems to be the first, with its fake news stolen from FleetMon and Vesseltracker.

Maritime Herald made a major breakthrough in web popularity, including major media citing it, on a case of BBC CARIBBEAN piracy attack and eight crew kidnap. It was all absolutely all of it stolen from FleetMon, it wasnt just falsified, it was turned into a lie, and that lie, without fact-checking, was used by major media (see http://www.odin.tc/files/mhscam.pdf)
So we me and Vesseltrackers contributor Tim, literally, ballooned Maritime Herald to popularity, to such an extent, that Maritime Heralds falsified version of my news on STELLAR DAISY disaster, hit Wikipedia, which gave a link to Maritime Herald fake on STELLAR DAISY disaster page. History of modern shipping is in good hands of low-life scum, of web fraudsters Petrov and Filipova (there are other bottom feeders, to be exact, though far from being that malignant).

I found myself in a dead end. If I go on with publishing most of my news, often exclusive, often ahead of everybody, including major media, I boost FleetMon, yes, but with that, I pump up that Maritime Herald scam.
Imagine yourself robbed every day by some low-life street scum they take everything youve earned by your hard toils, every day. Imagine they walk around boasting and demonstrating the things they stole from you. Not exactly, its even worse, because they spoil the things you created, making from them some ugly, disgusting parodies. And you can do nothing about it, nothing at all. All people around turn away and pretend nothings happening, everything is fine as it should be most of us encountered such street scenes.
I could pretend that its ok, its nothing, also. But I couldnt and cant. I decided to fight with whatever means I have. I decided, simply said, to call scum by its true name - scum.
Another option, which I also use, is in reducing the number of news I publish, free access.

FleetMon didnt support me, on the contrary, they suspend all my stories debunking Maritime Herald. Its not serious, they said. Fighting scum and scam is not serious, while letting them rob you is serious and respectable. Surprised FleetMon didnt ask me to apologize after all, I was so rude on those two Bulgarian fraudsters. Maybe they arent all that bad, lets give them a chance.

Interesting times we live in. Scum from high places down to low-life like Petrov and Filipova, with their scam, walk high. Those who call them scum, keep low.

Anyway, Im musing now where can I boost an edition indexed at Google News, given such chance? If I ballooned scam just by letting them steal my news, what can I do, if I start to contribute my news to a legal and indexed outlet?
With the understanding, that my relations with FleetMon may be already over, Im open to proposals.

Voytenko Mikhail
April 6, 2017

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