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Meet Bulgarian maritime online scam: Maritime Herald

I carried out this small investigation into Maritime Herald maritimeherald.com, Bulgarian online maritime scam, being sick tired of this website, its theft, its lies and its fakes. Maritime Herald doesnt simply steal other news, Maritime Herald distort them, falsify and concoct the details which just didnt take place. Everything is fake in Maritime Herald, including its staff. The only two real things in it seem to be one male Svilen Petrov, and one female Viliyana Filipova, both of Bulgarian nationality, most probably (but not surely) residing in Varna, Bulgaria.
Here are the main findings of my investigation:

Its not just piracy in forms of stolen news and violated copyrights were dealing with, in case of Maritime Herald. Its worse than that.
Petrov and Filipova, while trying to disguise their web piracy (stealing news and copyright materials) and impress readers as genuine source of information, intentionally distort original news, concoct the facts which didnt take place in reality, and by that, mislead the public.
Their news, especially when going viral, are marring reputations of shipowners, ships crews and industry media.
Their fake news may be dangerous for kidnapped seamen: say, Nigerian pirates are no fools, and at least their leaders scan the net and monitor related news, who knows what theyll feel and do, out of what considerations, when they read Petrovs and Filipovas absolutely false stories, full of shootings, armed guards, averted attacks and other lies.
Whether theyre subject to prosecution, I cant say, I am not a lawyer. But theres no doubt, that theyre perpetrators, carrying out harmful and immoral acts, which harm or may harm, other people, or even, endanger them.

Maritime Herald must be debunked and closed down, because its a scam, and because its a malignant scam.

Download and read full report: http://www.odin.tc/files/mhscam.pdf

Voytenko Mikhail
March 28, 2017

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