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Bulgarian Scam Maritime Herald ID Theft victims: Swiss Top Model and US Promo man

Apr 4 UPDATE: It took fraudsters less than two hours to react. They changed initial photos with new, named Mystery-woman.jpg and Mystery-Man.jpg. Cached Contacts page:

Bulgarian Maritime Scam website Maritime Herald, run by two Bulgarian fraudsters, Svilen Petrov and Viliyana Filipova, since Apr 2016 commits two Identity Thefts in form of photos, presenting stolen identities as Maritime Herald contributors: http://www.maritimeherald.com/contacts/
Nonexistent characters were fabricated with two purpose in mind:
First and main to get indexed in Google News, news outlet must have a staff of journalists. So Petrov and Filipova faked the staff.
Second just to look more respectable and trustworthy.

Stefani Igaz
Editor and Writer
Age: 26
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Contact e-mail: sigaz@maritimeherald.com
My name is Stefani Igaz and Im from Brussels, Belgium. I joined the team of Maritime Herald recently and work as content writer and editor of the journal. I have experience in journalism and media marketing, writing mostly about maritime and offshore business.

Gordon Smith
Editor and Writer
Age: 37
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Contact e-mail: gsmith@maritimeherald.com
My name is Gordon Smith from los Angeles, USA. I am currently working as support writer of Maritime Herald about the offshore industry and shipping business in NAFTA region. I have long practice and experience, as offshore engineer and ship broker.

Stefani Igaz identity photo belongs to a well-known personality, Ms. Xenia Tchoumitcheva model, actress, TV Host, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenia_Tchoumitcheva her personal website http://www.xeniaonline.com/ Photo was stolen from https://www.pinterest.com/wicket0679/xenia-tchoumitcheva/

Gordon Smith identity photo is a photo of an American online promo entrepreneur Mr. Jonathan Gunson (Traffic Café): https://twitter.com/jonathangunson and http://www.trafficcafe.com/about/

It would be better if I wouldnt publish this news until I file the Report to all available parties dealing with ID Theft Crimes, but in order to inform the victims, I had to publish this Report. And on the second thought, I cant claim criminal offence without victims consent, actually its up to them. So I filed Report with Google News Service only. At least, for now.

Download and read full Report with screenshots: http://www.odin.tc/files/IdTheft.pdf

Its not all, though. Ive been tipped on ID Theft by one of my readers (Thank you so much, Dmitriy!), and continue investigation, already finding out other curious things. To be continued!

P.S. Whose identities Petrov and Filipova will steal next time? Ivanka Trumps and Jared Kushners? Or just rip off the first photos they see at nearest to them porno hub?
Theirs seems to be the whole web of fake websites. I filed complaints to Bulgarian authorities and to Bulgarian genuinel maritime edition https://www.maritime.bg/ Maritime Bulgaria last week. No reply, no reaction at all. Maybe this is kind of a pattern? Advise extreme caution when dealing with Bulgaria, at least Maritime Bulgaria. Can not be trusted.

P.P.S. I wonder just how soon after I publish this news (about 0800 UTC Apr 4) will that scam website Maritime Herald undergo a deep renovation. And in what form will they replace photos and fake contributors, replace them with something else, or what? Hey you there, Petrov and Filipova, youre committing crime, in case you dont know, or in case in Bulgaria ID Theft isnt considered as a crime, its just a joke.
Ill write an article explaining why I had to launch this war. Maritime Herald scam, effectively, blocked my job thats one of the reasons. In this coming article Im going to mention those industry media, who took Maritime Herald scam for granted. Shame on you, guys.

Initial Investigation Report: http://www.odin.tc/files/mhscam.pdf

Voytenko Mikhail
April 4, 2017

Photos of the victims:

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