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The family business of ITF inspectors
There is a well-known in Russia ITF inspector in Russian Far East port of Vladivostok, Mr. Piotr Osichanskiy, a knight in shining armour

The activities of ITF and affiliated national trade unions require a special, thorough research, which is all the more important in light of forthcoming ILO Convention 2006 on Seafarers Rights. This so-called Seafarers Bill of Rights has to be labeled with much more appropriate nickname of Bill of Rights of ITF and ILO. ITF and affiliated trade unions are craving for power, Ive been writing about their ultimate aim, to be granted a status of authorized organization called to enforce the Convention, long ago. Seamens Union of Russia (SUR) recently asked that status openly, and there is strong probability the SUR will get it.
Im already working on it, though of course being alone, I cant promise a thorough research, but Ill do my best. The research will be based in facts, figures and examples. Some examples are stories in themselves, like the one given below.

Its an example of malpractice and abuse of the authority ITF regretfully, is already enjoying. The power ITF already grabs makes the organization actually, a monopolist on labour market, with almost total lack of any control or critics. With the enforcement of ILO Convention 2006, ITF and affiliated national trade unions will get more legal and factual power, than any trade union ever had in a known history. The consequences may be comparable to war losses.
There is a well-known in Russia ITF inspector in Russian Far East port of Vladivostok, Mr. Piotr Osichanskiy, a knight in shining armour, whos selflessly fighting the dragons, impersonated by ship owners, if were to believe ITF and SUR publications. But little is known about his son, Vitaliy Osichanskiy, whos ITF inspector, too, judging from, for example, Russian Seamen Forum

For natali-89: Good day. Try to call +7(423)2412932, Osichanskiy Vitaliy Piotrovich, ITF representative in Vladivostok, hell consult you on that matter of yours
(Translation from message in Forum written in Russian:

It may be just fine that the son followed in his fathers tracks to grow into one more valiant knight in ITF army, if not for the fact, the Mr. Vitaliy, together with representing ITF and defending seamens rights, represents his own business, too. Business happened to be the crewing, no less. Its an ideal solution for both shipping and ITF, isnt it? ITF slams the wrong crewing agencies, and offers its own.

Maritime Bulletin is receiving information about the rather usual malpractices compelling shipowners to hire their crews from the agencies advised by trade unionists; pushing the unwanted crewing agencies out from market; even worse than that compelling shipowners to charter out their vessels, or to sell them, to recommended companies.
The methods to force shipowners and crewing agencies into obedience are already no secret to many small and middles sized companies. Some of the crew are coaxed into blow whistling or legal claims against the companies theyve been working for, using any pretext available. There is more sophisticated practice of embedding specially prearranged persons as crew members to the targeted companies. Those agents, so to say, must find anything, any pretext to complain, make scandal and then resign. One company informed Maritime Bulletin, that it has proofs the agents are used on a regular basis.

The power ITF and affiliated trade unions already enjoys is arming them a wide spectrum of malpractices and abuses. There is no one even to criticize, with afraid, only one exception of Maritime Bulletin.
Small and middle sized shipping and crewing companies, the main targets of trade unionists, should resist them, if these companies want to defend themselves from ITF malpractice.

Voytenko Mikhail
Apr 12 2013