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Crabber Shans 101 disaster, Japan sea

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Voytenko Mikhail
January 27
Russian crabber-processor vessel Shans (Chance) 101 was reported by its owner, Vostok-1 fishing company, as lost, at 15:30 Vladivostok time Jan 27 13 to MRCC Vladivostok. Vessel was fishing in Japan sea near northern coastline of Primorskiy Region. There were no distress messages or signals, EPIRB wasnt activated.

At 22:30 another crabber of the Vostok-1 Company, f/v/ Talan, reported spotting capsized vessel, still afloat. Some ten minutes later general cargo vessel Anatoliy Torchinov reported to MRCC rescuing 10 crew of Shans 101 from a life raft, early in the morning Jan 28 vessel arrived to Kholmsk port, Sakhalin, where the rescued were taken to hospital as a precaution, all are reported to be safe and uninjured.

f/v Talan kept searching and later found another life raft with 5 people in it, all were rescued, all in good health. Those five said there were six other crew on a life raft, but they died and were thrown overboard. Media said there were confirmed six dead crew, but only one or two media sources, including Interfax, mentioned chilling details of the story. At present, it may be said that the circumstances of the deaths of the above mentioned six crew (2 Russians and 4 Indonesians) are rather unclear. Latest news said there were 8 crew who died with hypothermia on a life raft, and were thrown overboard by the remaining 5, but again, no confirmation.

By the morning Jan 28 at least 8 vessels were involved in search and rescue operation, plus 5 aircraft. 9 crew are still missing. Shans 101 30 crew included 19 Russians and 11 Indonesians, 15 rescued include 11 Russians and 4 Indonesians.

Analyze of tracks and positions of f/v Shans 101, f/v Talan and m/v Anatoliy Torchanov, obtained via Satellite AIS, locates the approximate position of f/v Shans 101 capsizing in 46 10N 138 49E area.

Salvage tug Atlas left Korsakov port, Sakhalin, and should already reach the disaster site, meaning that maybe Shans 101 is still afloat, and there is a chance of a salvage (according to latest news vessel is still afloat 08:00 UTC Jan 28).

Whos in charge of S&R, is as usual in Russia, unknown. Ministry of Emergency Situations is making out of every maritime disaster a big show to gain publicity, while its press-releases repeatedly turn out to be stunningly, frustratingly non-professional, tabloid-like crap, often downright false and as a rule, wholly unreliable. Whos to provide accurate information, whos in charge, whos at the very least, counting rescued, dead and missing, is a big mystery.

Weather is unfavourable for rescue with snow squalls, sea up to 2.5 meters, N wind 10-20 kn, temperature -6-8 C.

No clues yet as to what caused the disaster. Vessel was seaworthy, weather was fresh, but not a severe storm, and such vessels in general, are known to be robust ships capable of working in rough conditions of seas and oceans.

Crabber-processor Shans 101 (ex NO 7 JISUNG) IMO 8714097, displacement 1009 tons, built 1988, flag Russia. Crabber-processor Talan IMO 8323317. General cargo vessel Anatoliy Torchinov IMO 7943201.